An idiotic madman.

"A daft old man from Gallifrey who stole a magic box and ran away...

And I've been running ever since."

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It’s never snow.

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get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite female characters
amy pond


She shrugged. “Perhaps, I have. Perhaps, I haven’t. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the possibilities we’re allowing ourselves, instead of questioning me?”

"I quite like the idea of that, River.” He smirks. “I suppose that Amy will have to be content spending some time with her boyfriend for a while.”

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Rose trying to defend the planet is both adorable and embarrassing.

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Happy Birthday || Open to all Doctors


She laughed as he looped his arm through hers. “Oh, so quick to change the subject? Look at that, you’re getting all flustered.” She started off down the street, toward the restaurant. “Oh, you had to say that, didn’t you?”


"Well, yes. Have you got a problem with that?" He questions. "And-and-and! I am not getting all flustered! It’s just getting hot out here, is all,” he says quickly. “Now, River, I only said it with the best of intentions! You know how often our dates are ruined because of danger.”

Harriet Jones!

'I'm going to get killed by a Christmas tree!'

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Just another day. Just another victim. 

The Predator stands in the console room, looking at the man strapped to the floor. His eyes are wide with fear as he furiously shakes his head. "No… please…" His pleas are replaced with screams as the Predator brings an axe down in the center of his chest. It was going to be a clean kill - at least, until someone walked into the TARDIS.

He whirls around, the axe held above his head, and instantly feels nauseous.

"What the hell are you doing here?!”